Conscious Sedation

Let Signature Care ease your worries with conscious sedation dentistry.

Conscious sedation is a form of relaxation dentistry that allows our patients to have lower anxiety during their dental care. There is no need for needles or IV injections during conscious sedation. Instead, commonly used prescription medication is used, combined with the use of Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas.”) Patients that take this oral sedative medication experience lessened anxiety and the sense of a light nap during the few hours that follow.

Conscious sedation is perfect for:

  • People who suffer from dental anxiety
  • People who are concerned a procedure may be painful
  • Procedures where the dentist still may need to communicate with you

Often, patients that choose conscious sedation have no recollection of their procedure and feel as if they slept through the entire visit.

How conscious sedation works:

It can even be achieved without the use of sedative drugs and only administering Nitrous Oxide gas. Nitrous Oxide has an onset time of just a few minutes, and is completely reversed within 5 minutes of discontinuing the use of the gas.

Nervous about your next dental procedure?

Your comfort is our priority, and conscious sedation is the best choice for patients who are nervous to address their dental needs. Call Signature Care today and schedule your appointment.

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