In Office and Take Home Whitening – Look Your Best for Holiday Pictures

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Dec 23, 2014

Professional whitening is your path to a dazzling smile. This holiday season brighten your teeth using one of our signature whitening systems. Whether you need immediate results or want the convenience of at-home treatments, Signature Care Dentistry has the solution for you!

Need Results Fast?

If you need results in a hurry, Zoom Whitening is the tooth whitening for you! This is an in-office procedure that leaves you with a dramatically whiter smile in just one hour. At Signature Care, we use Zoom! Professional Whitening Gel to penetrate deep stains in a comfortable, quick environment. If you don’t have time for at-home results, Zoom! is the most reliable way to whiten teeth fast.

Maintain that Dazzling Smile

At Signature Care, we want to give you results that last. After completing a Zoom! Whitening treatment in our office, we provide you with a take-home kit to maintain your new smile. The kit includes customized trays and whitening solution to conveniently touch-up your teeth at home, for long-lasting results.

Whiter Teeth To-Go

Opalescence Go is a system of custom whitening trays for you to use at home. With this system you’ll receive the total whitening package at your own convenience! Opalescence Go is a tooth whitening system that includes prefilled, disposable trays. By wearing your Opalesence Go trays for 15-60 minutes a day, you’ll reveal a mega-watt smile in just five days.

What Sets Opalescence Go Apart from Other At-Home Whitening Trays?

The whitening solution penetrates deep into the tooth and is formulated to prevent shade relapse, tooth dehydration, and sensitivity. Even better – the process is totally enjoyable! The trays are designed to be worn during busy days or relaxing evenings. Signature Care patients also have the choice between three delicious Opalescence Go flavors: mango, peach, and traditional mint. In addition to a brighter smile, Opalescence Go users can enjoy fresher breath and long-lasting results.

Whether you need results immediately or want to have the convenience of a one-week bright smile at home, Signature Care Dentistry has what you need to look your best this holiday season. For more information on our whitening services, please contact us!

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